Three Highlights of the Upcoming New Jeep Wrangler Model


Ten years is a long time to go without a significant update, especially in the automotive world. That's what makes the upcoming, new generation of our beloved Jeep Wrangler so headline-making. Here at Floyd A. Megee Motor Company, we've had a few sneak peeks of the new Wrangler models, and we're excited to share them with you.

While the generation of Wrangler we've known for the last decade, called the JK, is gradually going to start moving out this year, the new generation, the JL, will start appearing next to it for a short time. Here are three big things we've learned so far about the new Wrangler, that set it apart from its predecessor:

  1. A stronger crawl ratio, making this Wrangler even more fun and capable on all of your off-road adventures.
  2. New technology, including a new infotainment system and upgraded, modern, safety features.
  3. A turbocharged four-cylinder engine option, which is a big change over the previous version, which only came with one available engine, a V6.

Plus, we've learned that Jeep will be adding an optional diesel-powered engine, as well as an optional hybrid powertrain, to the future Wrangler lineup.

To learn more about the upcoming new generation of your favorite Jeep Wrangler, stop by and visit the experts here at Floyd A. Megee Motor Company.

We can answer all of your Wrangler questions, give you more information about the key updates on the model, and tell you up-to-date details on availability.

The Jeep pros here at Floyd A. Megee Motor Company are here for you at our Georgetown dealership, Monday through Saturday, and we look forward to telling you all there is to know about this, and our other available, brand new Jeep models.

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