Comparing Jeep Brand SUVs and Ford SUVs - See Which One Comes Out on Top

At Floyd A. Megee Motor Company, we know our collection of available models is hard-to-beat, with a variety of exciting makes and models to choose from. Each of our topnotch cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks offer the best quality and style around. But, we were curious. We know our available inventory is tops, but, how do they fare when compared side-by-side to the competition?

To get a feel for what makes our vehicles superior, we compared several of our models to competing models from other brand names. Read on to learn more about what happened when we took the fan favorite Jeep Cherokee and compared it to the Ford Escape:

  • Off-road. Let's face it, Jeep models are known for their off-road prowess, while Ford SUVs are not. The comparison between the Cherokee and the Escape further illustrates that, especially when you look at the trim levels available for both models. The Cherokee has a trim level that's specifically engineered for off-road utility, while the Ford Escape does not.
  • Fuel economy. The Jeep Cherokee also lets you travel further between fill-ups at the gas station, thanks to efficiency ratings that the Ford Escape can't compete with.
  • Space. The Cherokee isn't just more user-friendly off the beaten path, it's also more comfortable on the beaten path, thanks to its high-end interior, which is crafted with premium materials and offers up more space all around for you, and your passengers, than the Ford Escape.

Read more of the in-depth comparisons and research we've done on our website, then stop by to meet any of our available vehicles in person. We look forward to showing you the Jeep Cherokee, and many of our other great models, and to helping you understand what sets them apart in any competition.

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