The Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Jeep Cherokee - Which SUV is the Best for Your Driving Needs?

The name Jeep conjures up a lot of images for Georgetown drivers. From people who like to take their SUV off road and onto the trails, to road warriors who love the comfort and power of a Jeep brand SUV for their commutes to work, a crossover or SUV from Jeep is sure to please a variety of people. At Floyd A. Megee Motors, we know that choosing your perfect Jeep brand vehicle can prove difficult, and we've taken the time to do a side-by-side comparison of two of our favorite models, to help make your decision-making process a little easier.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee vs. the Jeep Cherokee

  • Size. The most noticeable difference between these two SUVs right from the start is their size. The Grand Cherokee is the larger model, coming in three inches wider, three inches taller, and about seven inches longer than the compact Jeep Cherokee.
  • Interior space. The difference in measurements means a different interior space for passengers and cargo. For example, the Jeep Cherokee cargo hold can accommodate a nice 24.6 cubic feet of gear, but if you need a little more space than that for bulkier objects, the Grand Cherokee cargo hold has room for up to 36.3 cubic feet.
  • Power. Both SUVs start drivers off with a nice power boost that gets them from work to weekend adventures, but the Grand Cherokee has more oomph for drivers who really like to tear things up. There are four engine options available for the larger SUV, topping out with 707 horsepower from its most powerful V8 engine, while the Cherokee has two engines available and tops out with 270 horsepower.

Learn more about both Jeep brand SUVs by meeting our available inventory and taking your favorites for a test drive. We look forward to introducing you to the Grand Cherokee and the Cherokee in person, and to helping you choose between these two incredible models.

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