The Chrysler Pacifica Dominates the Minivan Competition and Goes Beyond the Expected

Chrysler has long been synonymous with the beloved family minivan. The engineers at Chrysler have been producing the family-friendly style of vehicle for decades, and the craftsmanship and innovation they've spearheaded along the way are clearly evident in the latest crop of Chrysler Pacifica models we have available at Floyd A. Megee Motor Company.

The Chrysler Pacifica has been reinventing the minivan genre ever since it first debuted on our Georgetown lot a few years ago. Not only is it spacious and accommodating, it also features many new automotive technologies and features you just won't find anywhere else. Need a little more convincing? Check out the side-by-side comparison we've put together for you, pitting our Pacifica against both the Honda Odyssey and the Toyota Sienna, and see for yourself how much more the new Chrysler Pacifica has to offer than the competition.

The Chrysler Pacifica vs. the Honda Odyssey

  • Engines and hybrid options. One of the most remarkable new things the Pacifica introduced to Millsboro and Milford drivers is the hybrid minivan. No other hybrid minivan exists on the market today, and the Pacifica Plug-In Hybrid is the only one. So, while every trim option for the Honda model is powered by a 280-horsepower V6 engine, Pacifica drivers get their pick of either a 287-horsepower gas-powered V6, or a hybrid version of the same V6 that offers 260 horsepower and a 33-mile range of electric driving.
  • Space and size. The Chrysler Pacifica and the Honda Odyssey both offer signature minivan interior spaciousness with three rows of seating that can accommodate up to eight people. But, the Pacifica measures just a little larger than the Honda, in height, width, and length. What this means for you is more interior space in the Chrysler, including more elbow room and more headroom.
  • Standard features. The Chrysler Pacifica is renowned for the number of cutting-edge features it gives drivers throughout the greater Sussex County and Salisbury, MD area. In fact, not only does it offer more features overall, even the base model Pacifica has more standard features than the Honda. The Chrysler has standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, standard touchscreen interface, and standard blind spot monitoring, while you have to move up in trim levels and spend more money to get the same features on the Honda Odyssey.

The Chrysler Pacifica vs. the Toyota Sienna

  • Drivetrain and power options. Both of these minivans offer something others don't. The Toyota model has an optional all-wheel drive available, but the Pacifica offers the efficiency and gas savings of the innovative plug-in hybrid powertrain, which the Sienna doesn't have.
  • Standard features. As with the Honda comparison before, the Chrysler Pacifica also outshines the Toyota Sienna when it comes to standard features. While our minivan offers standard Android Auto, satellite radio, and blind spot monitoring, the Toyota doesn't have any of these features standard for the lineup. In fact, the Sienna doesn't offer smartphone integration via Android Auto anywhere in its lineup.
  • Interior space and size. Although similar in size and shape with three versatile rows of seating, the Pacifica offers more interior comfort than the Sienna. The Chrysler measures a little wider and longer than the Sienna overall, which means more room to stretch out in on the inside, especially when it comes to legroom in the front and backseats.